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Calmness through transformational magical trip. The trip to the Uluru led by Fiona and Deni was incredible. This was my first women's group retreat and I won’t lie I was little bit nervous. But they made sure that we bonded before the trip so that by the time I was out in the Red Land, I was quite comfortable to be in the group. I’m very sensitive to people’s energy and I have a nature to be a loner because I need my time and space to integrate things. All the women who came to this trip knew how to respect each other’s space yet hold me to stand when I needed help.

I was afraid of “woman“ because I was afraid of myself, my power, my inner wisdom, my goddess energy. Through this trip, I unleashed my “powerful woman” and now I’m hosting “women's circle “. I found another part of me and became a much much more calmer, lovable human being.

If you’re called to journey with these two wise women, go my sisters. There’s another part of you waiting.

Kumiko, Sydney

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