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About Us: Team


For the last 15 years I have worked as a professional Intuitive, Intuition Development Teacher, Soul Coach, Akashic Records facilitator, Meditation practitioner and holder of space in women’s Circles.
I have walked the walk of disempowerment, anxiety, depression and insecurity.  These negative patterns kept me stuck, unhappy and unable to create the life that I so desired.
My journey through this has taught me that it is possible to turn your life around when you start to take care of your inner world.  When you dig deeper and heal your core woundings that build up the layers of fear, self-deprecation and inauthenticity.



I am an Intuitive guide and Shadow Worker - feeling comfortable with the hidden realms I facilitate and hold space for you to drop into parts of yourself that may be yet undiscovered. My passion is in creating and holding big sacred space for circles... setting the energy for trust and sharing and vulnerability.

My work marries the mind with the body and I'm able to translate the intangible into everyday concepts.

I am trained in intuitive art, art therapy, energy healing, meditation, chakra clearing, shamanic journeying, wild women practises, and have been facilitating workshops, circles and retreats for the past 5 years.

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