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We are so happy to open an online space for sharing, for community and for reaching deeply into sisterhood and truth speaking. 

We realise there are many advantages to meeting online and we have discovered a new way of doing this, which is aptly called The Circle.  Through The Circle we have opened up a space to meet as a community.  It is our own private community and we view it as a place for deep connection with each other as we gather online. 

The Otherworld Collective - an online women's circle, where we meet and share our truths and form connections. Fiona and Deni will also share practises, ideas, energy reports and information on the months theme.

We are very excited to extend a personal invitation to you, to join us in the Otherworld Collective Membership, an intimate group of heart centred women interested in building connection, trust and friendships.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this exclusive online Circle.

The Collective: About
Image by Nadine Shaabana

What the Otherworld Collective Membership Offers

Each month we will:

  • Start the month with an exclusive Podcast/Video for members only, as we dive deep into the energy of the month ahead and open up a conversation on the theme of the month, for us all to feel into before we meet in Circle

  • Gather live online and come together in Circle for up to 2 hours to dive deeper into the theme for the month

  • Share the many practices and tools that we have at our disposal to support you through the month.  These include: meditation practices, embodiment processes, journaling exercises, inner inquiry practices, rituals and integration exercises to help you notice what is shifting within

  • Prepare a video that is exclusive to members, on the energies of the month, that includes the influences of astrology, numerology and the Akashic Records

  • Create monthly check-ins to deepen our connections with each other

  • Provide individualised readings to support you personally and as a group which will assist you in working with the energies/themes of the month at a personal level

The Collective: Welcome
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